nursery sneak peek - bunting

I have been doing some crafty things to make our little ones living spaces prettier and nicer.

She will be sleeping in our room for at least the first six months (as long as she can handle my snoring) and her nappy area is in our spare room. It will become her big girl room when either she gets too big for her cot or another little one comes along.

So I have been prettying her change table area. I made bunting.

Here's how.

You will need
an old vintage looking book. One with yellowing pages.
sticky tape
blue tack

rip out pages from the book. I chose religion among the primitives.

Cut the pages into triangles. It makes it easier if you fold but don't crease them in half and cut from the middle to the edges.

fold over the tops (non pointy) of the triangles to about 1.5cm.

Put a length of string on the wall with blue tack. You will want it to be on a slight curve not straight.

Hang the triangles on the string. Fasten with sticky tape at the back.

Voila! Bunting.


  1. so cute! I've always wanted to try a bunting! I've never seen one out of a book, though - very cool!

  2. So funny! Last night I made bunting for my classroom! :) Very cute.


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