nursery sneak peek - mobile

I got my craft on this weekend and made the sweet little one a mobile for above her change table.

It's pretty long so I think I might need to figure out how to shorten it a bit so she doesn't pull it down on top of her sweet self.

I got the idea from my "Meet me at Mikes" book. It shows you how to make the flowers. I added extra little tidbits that I liked all in the yellow and white theme I love so much.


  1. i love it! Especially the sail boat addition. Mobiles are so fun. We put ours up this weekend, and seriously watched it forever it seems.

  2. It appears Carey has already been here but... wowza. That is awesome! After finishing ours I think I'm temporarily addicted to mobiles.

    And I agree with my wife, the little boat is so, so sweet.

    PS. I never thought about 'changing table entertainment.' Hmm. I wonder if we need to look into something to hang above ours to keep the little one busy while we struggle with her diapers.

  3. I love the way you have put this together! It looks so gorgeous, doesn't it?!! Go YOU!!!! Clever clogs!! Xx


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