I finally packed my bag for the hospital this week.

I'm assuming that I will be going straight home after the little one is born so I haven't packed extra clothes and things. I think if I decide to stay longer I'll just get Myl to bring the extra clothes.

And why am I crazy enough to not want to stay in hospital longer than I need to? Well a few reasons.

- I have my super midwife/early childhood nurse mum coming to look after me when the little one is born.
- Husbands aren't allowed to stay overnight at the postnatal ward unless you are lucky enough to get a single room. I don't anticipate being that lucky. I can't really handle being without Myles for that long. Especially when there is something as exciting as our baby in the world.
- Husbands are only allowed in during the hours of 9-11 and 2-8. (regular visiting hours) I know I will probably need sleep and things like that but I function so much better when someone I love (Myl) is around. He doesn't need to be in the same room.
- It's a hospital. It's cold, sterile and just not my comfy bed.
- I get to learn how to be a mama in the place where I am going to be a mama.
- The hospital has an excellent early discharge program.

Of course if there are complications I will stay in the ward. I have a room booked. I'm just hoping to not need it.

So anyway.

Here is what's in the bag.

-makeup removal pads (for witch hazel)
-bar of soap
-massage oil
-face wash
-shower gel
-shampoo and conditioner
-witch hazel

-underwear x5
-maternity pads x4
-breast pads x4
-bobby pins

-oversized tshirt
-singlet top
-swimming shorts for Myl
-singlet bluey for Myl
-change of clothes for after birth. Very comfy dress.
-baby dress
-baby onesie
-baby wrap

-fruit and nut bars x6
-packet of poppers
-Frankie magazine
-computer and speakers (music)
-pregnancy folder
-mobile phone
-Active Birth

Some of the things I haven't put in like my phone and wallet but I have written out a list of the last minute things to put in and put it on the top of my bag so that when the time comes we can just slip them in and off we go.

I also wrote on the sheet the number for the birth centre in BIG letters and what to do when I am in labour (for Myl). It says
-call the birth centre
-call my mum
-pack the last things into the bag

All set! Now all we need are contractions.

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  1. My bag is packed too. Well, almost packed. I need to add in those extra things as well.
    But I'll be staying in the hospital for a couple of days. Only because I have a toddler, who - as much as I love him - can be very demanding, full on, and I'm sure won't be old enough to register that mummy just pushed a few kilos out her bits... So even one day of not having to pick him up will be helpful (my tummy hurts now from picking him up... I'm sure after baby is going to be just as uncomfortable)

  2. nice work rinny!

    I don't think you're crazy to want to check out ASAP, as long as you have a handle on the possibility that you really might not be able to, or can allow yourself to change your mind on the day no matter how adamant you were before you had bub in your arms. We were super keen to get outta there ASAP... but found out that it just depends on so many things that are out of your control - for example, we had no complications, but Calvin was born at 9:30pm. Didn't even make it out of the delivery room until after midnight! Nobody was going to discharge us then, let alone before they want to make sure baby has had at least one feed and a pooey nappy, a paed has checked bub, you have been given a once over by a doctor, a hearing test has been performed, all the paperwork etc etc... it's just boring and slow, and they are really reluctant to let first time mums fast forward the process (no matter who's helping out at home). Your mum might be able to work some magic convincing them though. They are also pretty lenient when it comes to visiting hours and husbands - as long as Myles doesn't stay the night in a shared room and is quiet during non-visiting hours, you'll be ok.

    One other thing I learned the hard way - no matter how long you're planning to stay, 4 maternity pads is not enough for the first day - take a whole packet. And bring at least 2 sets of dark coloured clothes for your bottom half, as well as an entirely separate outfit to wear home. Bring a jumper and some warm socks too (it can get cold inside the hospital, and you might find you have a drop in body temp immediately post-birth). And some ear plugs and an eye mask - just in case.

    Don't forget you'll also need nappies and wipes, and bring a spare set of clothes for bub. Those little people really know how to poo all over a going-home outfit!

    All just in case of course - praying you get the dream labour, dream baby, and dream early discharge!


  3. I'm sure you've already thought of this but just in case... Can you breastfeed in your comfy dress to wear after the birth?

  4. Awesome job Rin!! I looked at the list today and thought how am I supposed to pack this before hand? haha

    Did you purchase all new toiletries to go with to the hospital?

    That's sad that they don't allow husbands to stay with you the whole time. But I'm sure you will be able to go home soon after...nothing like a new family of three at home.

    I'm getting so excited for you!

  5. Ah, Rinny. Now we're at the pointy end - so exciting! You've packed well. Having had 3 children myself in 3.5 years, I'd add:

    * More pads. Don't worry about buying the special maternity ones. Just normal heavy duty ones. Sometimes the hospitals supply them, sometimes they don't. And that's not something you want to be worrying about!

    *More pairs of undies. I'd take about 10. You don't want to have to worry about washing things and it can be quite messy 'down there' for weeks. Better to have extra undies so you can freshen up.

    * I always took some gorgeous body lotion and body cream (my preference was Dermalogica) for freshening up after the birth and the following days when you really appreciate feeling pampered.

    * A little tube of Lansinoh wouldn't go astray in case you get cracked nipples. It can be a miracle worker.

    * I'm assuming you're taking maternity bras. I'd take as many as you have - you can leak a lot and it's a pain if you have to keep washing them.

    * I agree about the earplugs. The yellow ones sold in packs of 6 are really squishy and fit into your ears well. They can be a godsend when you're surrounded my crying babies (and not just your own!).

    Best of luck with it all.

    I'm looking forward to seeing some lovely photos some time soon.

    J x

  6. I'd add the following:

    more pads! RPA supplied some when I was there, and being the impoverished college students we were, I used those ones up first, but the were very big and uncomfortable. Take the whole packet for if you end up in overnight because bub is born at night. If you need to stay in longer, Myles can buy you more.

    more breastpads. If your milk comes in early and with force, you'll go through those like nothing else. Also, an extra top.

    a bottle of water with a sports lid: easy to drink from in whatever labour position you are in

    a spare outfit and nappies for bubba. Like nic said, they can poo at just the wrong time and you'll be taking her home in just a nappy if you have no spare outfit

    A cardigan for if it is cool in the hospital (this was not an issue AT ALL in the heatwave E was born in, the air con was struggling, but lots of people told me it can get cold on the ward, and you might want covered arms when you are feeding.

    When E was born I was given a single room. The midwife says that priority is given to first time mums, but there is no guarantee. (no guarantee in private hospitals either, plenty of people pay through the nose and still share a room!). However, we found that H could be there whenever he wanted through the day. THere were many husbands walking in the halls and down in the little guest kitchen/lounge with bubs in their wheely cots while the mums grabbed some sleep before public visiting hours at 2 -8pm. So if you do need to stay in, Myles can probably be with you most, if not all (if you get a private room) of the time.

    Am very excited to meet your little girl!

  7. tattoomummy - exciting times. I can totally understand you wanting to go to hospital. Hats off to you on the whole being pregnant the second time. I cannot imagine how women do it. The amount of selflessness needed is amazing!

    Nic- thanks for the tips. The birth centre said they let you stay the night there if you have your baby at very late o'clock. But I guess if there is a screaming mama to be running in they might really want you to leave.
    The pad tip seems to be common. I'd better make like a brownie and be prepared. ueuuugh.

    Also praying you get your dream house!

    Bec - yes! chosen for that reason. It is completely button up from neck to knee. I am the type of person to forget about this so thanks.

    Carey - funny story. I left my toiliteries bag at myles family's house a few months back and then had to go get everything new. I had some other stuff so it wasn't as expensive as it sounds. So when I got the bag back I just used all my old things. If that hadn't happened I would probably either pack it all at the last minute or buy travel pack versions of everything.

    Jane - thanks for the heads up on all those extras. It seems like the whole experience is... messy and I need to be prepared to just mop it all up. I got a big tub of Alpha keri Intensive ointment for my itchy toes today. Might add that to the list.
    I am looking forward to those photos as well. It will be so nice to see this little girl at long last.

    Libby - Hmmm.. I get it. More pads. Oh dear.
    Water bottle! Yes that is a good one. I lost my lovely metal one somewhere along the way and have been missing it so much. I guess I should just suck it up and buy a new one.
    Those sneaky husbands. I guess it makes sense for them not to pay too much attention to visiting hours.

    Me too!!!!


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