10:42 PM

I haven't had a warm/hot shower in quite a while.
I hide in supermarkets where the air con blazes.
It was great when I got frozen peas.
I do not feel like cooking.
The stove/oven/microwave/food is too hot.
I have created my own private pool in the bathtub.
It was 30 degrees at midnight last night.
I turned off the fan to save electricity.
Only to turn it on again five minutes later.

It's a heatwave this is true.

But I'm lucky

I have a bathtub
I have a shopping centre
I have peas and food
I have a fan
I have a home.

It must be scary for the people up in northern Qld sitting in the evacuation centre not knowing if they will have these things tomorrow or next week.

There is a big ole cyclone bearing down on them. I bet they are feeling the heat more than me.

Image Credit - his crooked smiles

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