How far along? 34 weeks.
Baby’s Size 46 cm and 2.4 kg
Where she is: Head down and running out of room fast.
Maternity Clothes: Anything with a roomy tum works.
Belly Button: flatoutie.
Gender: girl but we are having another ultrasound this week so if she mysteriously is a he we will know by Thursday.
Movement: She is running out of space in there and her little kicks and nudges are getting stronger. It's pretty nice.
Sleep: Really good! Once I'm asleep I might only wake up once but mostly I sleep right through.
Symptoms: Swollen feet and hands. Feeling tired. Heartburn. I can't really eat much and don't really get very hungry. My stomach is all squished up.
Best Moments this week: Making things for my little one and setting up her spaces.
Food Aversions: Eggs. Not really sure why.
Food Cravings: ice cream.
What I miss: Leaning forward/sitting with my knees together.
What I am Looking forward to: Seeing our little one at the ultrasound.
Milestones: ?
Awesome fact about little one: little one will remember the songs I sing to her now and these will be the ones that will settle her best when she comes into the world.


  1. you look great! And, I love your dress - looks like the perfect summer frock.

    Can you believe how close it is getting?!

    I have had such trouble keeping my knees together, too. Or sitting back! I imagine it is funny to watch me get up.

  2. look at that belly!!! I love baby bellies! You get to see her soon! How exciting! I hope all goes as planned!!!


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