thirty-six + a few days

How far along? 36 weeks. One month left!
Baby’s Size 48 cm and 2.9 kg. At our last ultrasound we found out that our little girl has a head in the 88th percentile and legs in the 14th percentile. Big head, little legs. Our kid is a hobbit. Overall she is a little under average in weight.
Where she is: head down. Not yet engaged although it really really feels like it.
Maternity Clothes: yer.
Belly Button: flatoutie.
Gender: sweet baby girl.
Movement: lots of hiccups. She is running out of room so doesn't do many big movements anymore but when she moves I feel it in my ribs or down my sides. Sometimes I see a foot or a bot sticking out.
Sleep: Not so good. I wake up in the night to turn over. I wake up to scratch my itchy feet and hands (trying not to) I wake up early and then after being up for about 20 mins will go back to sleep.
Symptoms: Sore pelvis as it opens up to get ready. Heartburn. Potential cholestasis which could be giving me itchy hands and feet. No back pain at all which I am so thankful for!
Best Moments this week: Feeling really pregnant. It's a bit of a drag sometimes but it is so nice to know why I am feeling the way I am. I'm going to miss having a little one on the inside.
Food Aversions: uncooked egg.
Food Cravings: fruit
What I miss: wearing shoes.
What I am Looking forward to: finding out the results of this test so I can stop worrying. If the results are positive I need to really rethink the next few weeks. Edit - I wrote this post last Tuesday before I had the results of my test. They were all negative. You can read about this here.
Milestones: One month to go.


  1. Oh, Rinny, please don't get caught up in worrying about the percentiles at this stage! I posted about them at Treasure your last days alone as a couple! J x

  2. Oh I'm not so worried about the percentiles. I just think it's cute that she has a big head and little legs. I have always joked that we would be having hobbit babies.

  3. You still look awesome Rin! Isn't it amazing how much they are growing now? I'm always late on my picture - at least by a few days. I technically change over on Wednesdays but never get to take it until Friday. :)

    That is so cool that they can tell how big your little girl is. Did they get that info by using an ultrasound or just feeling around?


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