10:00 PM

How far along? 33 weeks.
Baby’s Size 45 cm and 2.1 kg
Where she is head down back to the left but not engaged.. yet. 
Maternity Clothes: bought my first maternity underwear. boy oh boy.
Belly Button: it's out but it's also pretty flat.
Gender: girl
Movement: pretty regular, pretty cute
Sleep: Waking up often because of the steamy hotness. Otherwise really good.
Symptoms: Had to take my wedding ring off because I'm scared it wont come off and this will happen again. Feeling ridiculously hot in this weather. Its 10pm right now and the temp is 30 degrees. (For those in the states that is 86 degrees.)  Can't sit still or get comfy very easily.
Best Moments this week: Showing off my humongous bump.
Food Aversions:  Leftovers or eggs.
Food Cravings: ice cream. asian food.
What I miss: Those cool summer days.
What I am Looking forward to: my hands and feet going back to normal.
Milestones: nothing really
Awesome fact about little one:baby can determine the difference between sweet and sour tastes.

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