we heart puffs

These are emperor puffs

This is us enjoying emperor puffs.

They are delicious balls of joy and custard from china town which is where we went on the weekend. Well.. we went to the food and wine fair in Hyde park first. We thought it would be one of those fun markets with free tastings and lovely things like that. But it wasn't. It was lots of expensive wine tastings and expensive fancy restaurant food. We are not very fancy people but rather than have our day ruined we decided to visit chinatown for some emperor puffs.

This was a good idea.

Then we decided to catch the bus home. We got to the stop and the free shuttle bus pulled up. Great, we thought. We can catch the shuttle to central and then there are more busses home. But the shuttle didn't really go to central. It went to the opposite side to the one we wanted. So we decided to take a nice bus ride around the city to see the sights, hold hands and have a nice time till we got to the stop we got on at.

But this shuttle doesn't work like that. Oh no it doesn't. We got to circular quay and the bus driver told everyone to get off. So we got off. We were very far from where we started.
Eventually we caught a bus from circular quay all the way back up george st and home. It took us about 45 mins to get to our original stop. So much for a short cut.

I got to have a nice time riding a bus with my favourite man though. Even if it made him a little late to go to the footy with his pals. AND I got a lot of preggo walking in. Not that I really want to hurry the little one on but I guess it all helps.

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