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9:35 PM

Pregnancy has been a real blast.

I only have six weeks to go (give or take a week or so) and it all feels like it has flown by.

At my last visit my blood pressure was good 110/70
My iron levels are good from the blood test and I show no signs of gestational diabetes. (phew)

Little one is measuring well. 32cm at 33 weeks. It's supposed to be around 1cm per week.
She is head down and facing the left which is a great position to be in. She could spin around still but it's not likely. She has been this way for such a long time.

I'm feeling big and swollen and tired easily but these are just part of having a big ole baby in your belly. Our teacher at baby class told us that most women put on about 10 kilos in pregnancy. She told us to go pick up a ten kilo rice bag in the supermarket (tighten your pelvic floor muscles first) and see what it feels like. I tried with a 5 kilo bag and that was a LOT. It makes a lot of sense that I just can't walk round the shops as well anymore.

I'm feeling a bit anxious about the whole birth part.

I think being a mum is going to be awesome. I feel like I can deal with the poo and the tears and other bodily fluids. I'm so looking forward to meeting our little girl but this whole world of birth seems a bit unknown.

I've read loads of books and feel like I know what to expect but I think the problem is that I'm not really sure how I am supposed to prepare physically and mentally. Sure there are breathing exercises and positions to try but it feels like that is not enough.

I think maybe the answer is that you will NEVER be prepared to have a couple of pounds worth of baby pulled from within and I think I'm ok with that. It's so nerve racking that I won't know the time or the date. Little one will just come when she comes and then she will be mine and I will need to switch on mama mode and look after her for the rest of her life.

I feel this little girl kicking round in my belly and I give her the best cuddle I can. It will be so wonderful to look into her eyes and tell her I love her. To feel her soft skin under my fingertips.

It's going to be so wonderful to be her mama.


  1. You will be a great mama, rin and everyone I have spoken to has felt or feels the same way as you. I am getting to that frame of mind as well. I know you will be just fine and I know you will both be great parents.

  2. can't believe you only have 6 weeks left...give or take!
    I was terrified of the whole birth thing....but seriosuly....you and your body just know what to do when the time comes. It's like something else completely takes over...and it just happens.


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