womb eye candy

We had an ultrasound today.

All is well with the little one. Her placenta has moved up to the top nicely which means I don't have to have a c-section. (At least not because of the placenta)

They checked out all her other bits and...
- yes she is a girl.
- she is looking really healthy.

They are sending a report to my doctor which will also tell us how big she is. 

And now for the best bits. Unfortuately we have a very shy little one in there and she wasn't too much the fan of taking a cute snap. But we love her still.

 I think she looks like an orangutan in this one but it is really just her hand poking up in front of her mouth making her face look longer than it is.

Big foot! Maybe she is a monkey?

Another hand in front of her face. Could we have a thumb sucker?

It was lovely to see our little one again and we thank God that all is well.


  1. I reckon she is sucking her thumb. Just like someone else I know. Hmmm.

  2. awwww. That is exciting! Your little monkey. She was probably moving all over the place letting you know she was excited that all is set for her arrival.

    Great news about your placenta as well! I had no idea that it moved to prepare for birth!


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