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10:00 AM
I got just a little bit excited about jeans the other day.
I was hanging out at the shopping centre where Myl works waiting for him to finish and I was looking it this really great clothes outlet. It's a factory outlet shop of a whole heap of nice brands. They had a table of Levi jeans that were priced from 20 dollars.

I was getting a little excited about having a waist that fits into jeans again. Just before my belly started to explode I had ripped a big hole in my jeans but didn't worry because I wouldn't be wearing them for the next few months. I invested in some not incredibly fashionable but very comfortable maternity jeans from target and wore those while the weather was still chilly. But now. It's going to be winter soon. I'm going to have a waistline soon. I'ma gonna get myself some jeans.

This got me thinking about all the other things I get to do once I have a little one on the outside and not on the inside.

I can eat sashimi again! This is pretty exciting. I have already placed my order for a large serving of sushi from the Japanese restaurant near the hospital.

I can eat ham! Not that I'm the biggest ham fan but ruling out the deli meat food group can make group or camp lunches very boring.

I can sleep on my tummy. Oh sweet tummy sleeping.

I can run and jump and dance and bend over and go on long walks. In short I will be movable. I will have a little friend to be movable with as well. If she is on the floor I can sit on the floor with her. We can go for walks. My feet and hands will go back to being a normal size and will stay that way on said walks and I won't feel like a beached whale whilst getting out of the bath.

I can hug Myles front on. Right now there is a belly in the way so I have to tilt to the side.

I only have to go to the doctor if I'm sick. We'll be going for the little one's checkups but not for me! No stinky blood tests, swabs, being poked and prodded by the doctor.

Don't get me wrong, I have love love LOVED having my little girl growing and moving inside of me but this time shall pass and I might as well get excited about it.

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