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Myl and I love doing our groceries together. Closer to the truth is that I love doing the groceries and Myl loves carrying the bags.

Sometimes when we go shopping there are really good specials. I'm a bit of a sucker for specials. 2 for 1's, Reduced to sells. I can be convinced to buy something I wasn't going to get by the fact that it is on sale.

Myl likes it when biscuits are on sale. His favourite are monte carlo anzac biscuits. They usually have some 3 for $5 deal. He likes that.

But most times, instead of letting him indulge in his biscuity goodness I tell him, "You don't need store bought biscuits. I'll make you some."

And so we continue to shop sans biscuits and maybe with a token extra slab of butter for the biscuits I'm going to make.

Unfortunately, I don't always keep my promise. Sometimes poor Myl goes without.
Not this time. I made him some tasties. I sent him a text when he was at college and he came home to a container filled with these bad boys.

They are ginger and lime cream filled biscuits from my biscuit and macaroon Womens Weekly cookbook. They were so much fun to make.

They look like little biscuit hamburgers and most importantly Myl likes them.

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