How far along? 40 weeks. I'm due today so where is this baby?
Baby’s Size God only knows.
Where she is: head down still only 3/5 engaged (I thought she had gone further :( ) and now facing posterior (head up) this is not such a good thing but hopefully she will spin right back around. Scrubbing the floors for me.
Feeling: Excited for her to come but getting so anxious now. I just want to know when she will be here.
Belly Button: Flat and really really dark.
Gender: girl
Movement: lots of moving and squirming.
Sleep: Fantastic. I keep thinking I am going to wake up in the middle of the night with contractions but I wake up each morning still pregnant and feeling well rested.
Symptoms: swollen feet and ankles. These are not my feet anymore. Not so much else though.
Labour Signs: Just practice braxton hicks.
Best Moments this week: finally making it to the "end."
Food Aversions: no
Food Cravings: chicken nuggets again.
What I miss: being able to plan my week.
What I am Looking forward to: contractions! bring it on.
Milestones: Fully pregnant. 40 weeks. I'm done...I hope.

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