mama bird

I have been having a lovely little nest the past few days. Just like a mama bird preparing to lay her little baby eggs.

It sounds very serene but really it isn't.
I have been racing round the house tearing my hair out that there are so many things everywhere that don't have a home.

We have all these clothes to give to vinnies that are sitting in the hallway, a box of childrens ministry supplies with no home, a useless tv taking up cupboard space (anyone want?) and a whole lotta baby things everywhere.

I cleaned the car today. I was feeling all sprightly and energetic. For those of you I have given a lift in my car you will know this is a big job. Our car is a bit like our second house at times. My guitar lives in there as do a lot of things I have affectionately named "the detritus." All that lovely stuff came into our house and out of the car and had to have a home. I did a little angry flustered dance when this happened.

I got rid of all the rubbish from under the seats, vacumed the floor and shook out the car mats. It was so strange getting in the car and not having to watch where I put my feet. Magic.

It seems these bursts of energy are very quickly followed by exhaustion. As soon as I had finished with the car I came inside and collapsed on the lounge. I sat there for a good long while.

That is until I saw a speck of dust and an out of place bootie and off I was again to pluck some more twigs for my little nesty.

I don't think Myles is enjoying this time of my pregnancy. Often the things I am nesting with are heavy and he is the one who has to move them. Of course once I notice they are out of place they need to be moved RIGHT AWAY! Life really does depend on it and so whatever he is doing needs to be stopped so he can help me.

I can't explain it. It's just a sense of deep inner frustration at the state of the house. There is still so much to do. I can feel myself itching to go do laundry in the middle of the night. (I actually put two loads on last night.. while it was raining.)

Let's just hope this means the little one is coming really soon! But not before I have dusted every nook and cranny of this house.

Image Credit - Nesting Bird Screensaver

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