Operation: Let's Have a Baby

10:00 AM

So, I've reached a whole thirty-nine weeks of having a baby on the inside.
I've set up the cot.
I've cleaned the house.
I've washed the clothes.
I've had the baby shower.

I think it's time we added a baby to this family.
I'm feeling really good and not at all over being pregnant but I'm so excited for this little girl and there is now nothing left to do but have her in my arms.

So Operation: Let's have a baby.
I know that these are only theories but I'm gonna do all I can to bring this little one out.
I've heard that hot curries, stair climbing, visualising opening flowers/cervixes are good.

Does anyone have any hot tips? What helped you to get your baby out?

Image Credit: David and Kelly Sopp - Safe Pregnancy Tips
Not their actual site but you can look at more funny pictures like the one above here.

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