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5:46 PM
I'm the kind of blog reader who obsesses about other peoples babies. When someone is almost due I check my blogger dashboard several times a day telling Myl I just have to "check if anyone has had their baby."

So if any of you are like this too I'm posting this to say that I'm still here and our little one is not yet.

Not for a want of trying though.

I have been eating jalapeno peppers, curry, spicy soup, spicy pull apart from bakers delight, thai.
I have been running up and down staircases. (Yes I ran up them twice!)
Going for brisk walks.
Drinking bucket loads of raspberry leaf tea.
Doing exercises on my hands and knees.
Thinking laborious thoughts.

and while we are being honest..
taking laxatives.. they worked for my mum.
and other fun ;) things.

But I think that this little girl is just going to come in her own sweet time.
There doesn't seem to be a thing I can do.

My mum came up a few days ago when I was feeling pretty down and thinking I would never ever give birth. We have been sewing and shopping and chatting together. It has been really nice.

Soon life is gonna get a heap more hectic. But I'm so looking forward to it!

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