the waiting game

nope, no baby yet...

Still no obvious labour signs yet either.
I'm getting pretty keen for this little one to come.

While I have been waiting this is what I've been up to.
Yipee found the camera!

 Found this tutorial and decided to juj up a onesie.

 I know it's going into winter but these could be fun for a sunny day.

 It's a bandanna bib for my little cowgirl.

 I made monte carlos. They look similar to these but they are oh so different. I've been having very strange desires to bake.

I've been doing lots of itty bitty laundry. It's pretty cute.

We have been going on so many dinner dates because 1. This might be our last chance!! and 2. Impending baby has meant I haven't gone for a proper grocery shop in some time. eeek!

Come on baby girl! We are so ready to meet you.

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If you vote she might come quicker?

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