10:48 PM
I can't find our camera. It has gone missing so here is my artists interpretation of what I look like this week. No joke I have what appears to be a basketball in my belly.

How far along? 39 weeks. One week to go!!
Baby’s Size About as big as she is going to get
Where she is: 3/5 engaged with her head firmly stuck in my pelvis. Facing towards the left.
Feeling: So so excited. This little girl could come at any time and I am looking forward to her so much.
Belly Button: Flat.
Gender: girl
Movement: She goes nuts in the evenings. She loves it when we put our hands on my belly. She wriggles about and pokes her little body parts out.
Sleep: Great! Getting a bit of heartburn but pretty much sleeping all through the night.
Symptoms: Feeling humungous, sore pelvis, heartburn and swelly feet. But feeling great!
Labour Signs: Braxton Hicks making that bubba head get engaged. Nothing else to report though.
Best Moments this week: Baby shower. It was so lovely.
Food Aversions: no
Food Cravings: ice cream.
What I miss: picking things up from the floor.
What I am Looking forward to: Sweet baby girl in my arms!
Milestones: One week till I'm due!

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