thirty seven

How far along? 37 weeks + 3 days (this is what happens when photographer/husbands are not on holidays). full term!
Baby’s Size average of 3.1kg and 48.5cm
Where she is: head down but not engaged. I could have sworn she was as it's feeling really heavy down there. I know it's still early days but it makes me feel like she is a long way off.
Feeling: Tired all the time physically and emotionally. I'm feeling all anxious about when she is going to come. I'm happy having her inside but I'm so excited about her coming at the same time. 
Belly Button: flat. I don't think it's going to become a proper outie.
Gender: girl
Movement: crazy palates where my belly rises up in the sky. I was singing to her the other day and got the biggest kick. It hurt. I don't think she liked that song.
Sleep: Waking up every few hours to go to the bathroom or turn over. Good practice for the future.
Symptoms: pelvis pain, swollen feet, heartburn. I mostly feel pretty good but these things are dragging me down a bit. I'm getting pretty huge as well and I have a cold. :(
Best Moments this week: seeing a washing line full of teeny tiny baby clothes.
Food Aversions: not really
Food Cravings: not really either.
What I miss: Being spontaneous with my movements. I can't leap up from anything, roll over quickly,  jump or bend over so well.
What I am Looking forward to: holding my sweet baby girl in my arms.
Milestones: Full term baby! This kiddo can come on anytime.

I'm slipping down the ranks. I'm number 100. Please vote so that I can stay in the top 100. :)
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