home alone

Today was my first whole day alone with my special little babe.
Myl left to go to college this morning at 10 and wont be back till 6.

We have had such a lovely day.

I feel like I have just been feeding and cuddling all day. This kid is always hungry.. or maybe when I'm home alone I just notice it more? She has this very cute cry that sounds like "gee" when she is hungry and she starts headbutting my neck. It's pretty adorable.
I'm learning all the cries. Sometimes I just have no idea what she wants but when all else fails, a feed usually does the trick.

I think I have created a cuddle monster. Lucy really doesn't like being put down. She lasts about five minutes and then along comes that little wail. (Just long enough to go to the bathroom or put some lunch together) After trying to cuddle her all day I gave up and put her in the sling. It's nice having my hands free. Eating soup for lunch became a thousand times easier.

It's all rainy so the walk I intended going on didn't happen. It's so nice sitting inside with a little body on my chest keeping me warm. She smells so nice. Just like a little fresh baby.

My little girl is growing so much. We finished our first pack of newborn nappies. She has grown out of them so we had to get the next size up. (I'm still not supposed to do laundry so we are still using disposable nappies.) She is getting all chubby and has rolls on her arms and legs. Part of me wants her to stay a little tiny newborn forever but it is good she is growing big and strong.

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