more of the babe

I just had to post this photo my sister took of my little baby girl.
She is such a good baby.

We had her first big outing today. (The official first was to her aunt and uncles house last night for dinner.) We went to church this morning and she was so well behaved. She pretty much just slept the whole way through with breaks for cute eye blinking and little smiles.

She is such a calm little girl. Feeding has been such an interesting and wonderful time. I'm getting the hang of attatching her and my body is getting stronger to cope with a little one feeding from it. She is such a hungry little girl and is getting fatter by the day. It's nice to see her growing from the food that I produce for her. Pretty special.

She doesn't much like the bath or having her nappy changed but is easily soothed by a cuddle. She is a very cuddly girl. She is never as happy as when she is lying on someones chest or being held tight.

She has met lots of her family and is getting used to some faces. She has lots of quality Granny hugs with my mum. They like each other. She likes seeing her aunts and uncles. (Especially her aunts.) She takes to anyone who will give her a cuddle really.

She really loves her dada. Myl has been reading The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe to her. His deep voice puts her straight to sleep so she doesn't hear so much of the story but enjoys it anyway. I'm sure he can read it to her again. She knows his voice and looks around for it when she hears it in the room. His smell can calm her down and he has been such a trooper in changing nappies. He has changed way more than me.

I have had such a great time being a mum so far and I'm sure it's because I've got Myl and my mum here. This afternoon I had a looong nap and Mum had some granny time. There is always food around that I didn't have to cook, nappies changed, baths given and babies handed to me in the middle of the night. I feel so so blessed.

That's enough for now. There is so much to write about my little girl and being a mama. I'm sure I will have many a post for the next few weeks. Not to mention all the photos I still haven't taken off my camera.

Stay tuned for a sweet guest post tomorrow!

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