two weeks old

Our little one has been here for two weeks already!
It has been so wonderful getting to know her and how to look after her.
She has the sweetest little cry and the most kissable little cheeks.

She loves the milk and was born hungry.
She was pretty skinny when she was born and has put on 500 grams.
They usually like babies to regain their birth weight by week two but she is heavier.
She is a good feeder and is so cute when she is hungry.
It hasn't all been roses. I got mastitis last week which was pretty sore. Thank God for anti-biotics and a midwife mama.

She is sleeping through the night. Would we call going to sleep round 11 waking up round 7 sleeping through the night? I would. It's lovely.

She likes having a bath but not being naked before and after.
She likes reading Narnia with her dada but not when Edmund did a nortie and ran away.
She likes cuddles.
She likes bouncing in her bouncer at dinner time.
She likes looking into eyes.
She likes being sung to.
She likes sleeping with her hands up around her face.

We went to Bathurst to visit my mum and dad last weekend.
Lucy loves her granny and (dad hasn't chosen a name yet but let's call him poppy).
She went for walks round the garden singing songs with my dad.
She had her first outing in town and her first public feed. It was a little awkward but we got there in the end.

She is such a lovely little baby. She is very calm and good natured. She pulls funny little faces and smiles at us.
She is such a wonderful blessing. I love her so so much.

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