we don't like doctors

11:05 AM
Today we went to our 6 week doctors appointment. It wasn't a lot of fun.

Everything is well. I am recovering well and Luce the goose is getting bigger like she should.
She is now 5.2kg and 57cm long. Her head is 34cm around.

All was well for the weighing and the checking but there was one last part of the doctors appointment... the injection.

This was not fun. I felt nervous as the doctor and nurse descended on my little girls thighs, needles in hand. My littlest one was smiling up at me, suspecting nothing. The needles went in and there was a moment of quiet, a look of disbelief, a reddening in the face and then a scream. Oh my poor sweet baby girl. I held her tight and told her to breathe. She settled down a little and then had a lovely long feed. Ah sweet milk. Her loving friend and comforter.

I had an equally un-fun test myself. We both left the doctors office feeling a little sorry for ourselves and have been cuddling ever since.

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