I'm suffering from a not so rare disorder. It's called baby brain.

In the space of a week I locked the keys in the car twice.

The first time I was fetching Lucy out of her car seat. I put the keys in her car seat so that they wouldn't poke into her. I got her out of her seat then locked and closed the door. (We don't have central locking so you have to manually lock the door.) This was awkward. Myl was at college and not coming home for hours and I had no phone and no keys to get inside. I checked the boot. It was open. Thank the LORD!
So, with baby in arm I reached over the back of our hatchback and grabbed the keys out of her carseat. It was a stretch.

The second time the boot was not open. I was driving and had put the keys back in the ignition while I got the sling and started to put it on. I stood up next to the car to put it on and then once on locked and closed the door. Myl was with me but had left his bag with keys inside the car as well. We were at the shops so Myl went off and got a lovely man from Kmart Tyre and Auto at Broadway to help us out. I told him it was baby brain. He smiled and said he had a two year old and so knew all about that.

My darned baby brain also caused the loss of my mobile phone and brand new mothers day kindle from the top of the car. If only things placed absent-mindedly on the top of cars would be nice and stay where they were left. I found my phone in pieces. The kindle is missing, presumed dead.

Oh babygirl. You are certainly worth the loss of brain cells. I am just constantly distracted, thinking of your cuteness.

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