eight weeks old

my little girl is eight weeks old.

She has beautiful chubbawubba thighs. She likes to dance with these thighs. I like to giggle at those thighs dancing.

She is becoming so much morealert. She loves sitting on my lap, facing out, just taking the world in.

She loves to feed. She rolls her eyes around and grabs her face with joy. I got a little sad thinking that I'm already 1/3 of the way through her breast feeding only stage. Although, it will be nice to no longer feel like a milk machine between 5 and 8pm. Feeding is our trickiest thing to do. I'm not great at reading Lucy's signs. Sometimes she means "I'm hungry." Sometimes she means "Get that food outta my face." It's pretty much trial and error.

She is still a cuddly kid. She isn't great at putting herself to sleep in the day time so most days I just put her in a sling when she is tired and she falls asleep as I walk around.

This week we...
went on a family trip to Kurrajong
made tasty pull apart
introduced Lucy to the beauty of Joni Mitchell with "Big Yellow Taxi"
went to the cinema for the first time
made baby announcements (finally)
went for a few coffees
said goodbye to Aunty Gem and Uncle Jon ;_(

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