one month old

my little one is a whole month old.
she is growing up so fast.

She likes
the vacum cleaner
cuddles. All the time
her mama. I'm pretty much her favourite person now that Myl is back at college... but that might be just cos I'm the one with the milk.
the milk.
smiling. this one could smile the pants off a rhino.. if it were wearing pants.
rubbing noses with her dada.
kisses on the belly.
The song "Amazing Grace" don't we all?

 and not so much?
bathtime today was no fun
being left alone for longer than 10 mins except at night sleep time.
having stuff yanked off her head. onesies, tshirts etc
being too hot or too cold.
the pram when hungry/with a full nappy. We had one crazy pram ride in the rain coming home from FMG.

We went shopping, out to coffee, to church, to growth group, to FMG, for a stroll through Sydney uni and on a bus for the first time.

I am enjoying this little one so very much. My scar is healing nicely and I'm regaining my strength and energy. I took Lucy for a crazy pram ride because I thought it would be easier (on my poor achey scar) to go a long distance in the pram rather than the sling but ended up jogging quite a bit of the way to get my wailing child home so it didn't really work out so well. I love her.

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