The first thing I noticed about my first little pikapü cloth nappy was the softness.

Compared to the disposable nappies my little one has been wearing it felt like heaven.

I was so excited to give the nappy a go but had to wash it first. We have been having pretty cold and cloudy weather lately so I was a bit concerned about how quickly it would dry especially as the pikapü is an all in one nappy.

I pulled my load of laundry out of the machine and the pikapü was the dryest thing in there. It was almost dry already! A few hours on the line and it was done and ready to wear. I can't tell if there was a look of relief or joy on Lucy's face when that nappy went on but she had the longest sweetest nap while wearing it. Actually as it was going I was so excited (My mum and sister were there too and we were all excited) that I think the excitement transferred to Lucy and she did a little happy wee.

It seems to be a great nappy. Comfy and soft and good at soaking up the good stuff. It was easy to clean again and came out super clean in the wash. Again it was very quick to dry and hangs nice and easy on the line. It does have velcro which you would think would ruin in the was but inside the nappy are some velcro savers you put the scratchy end of the velcro on so they last longer.

Pros - cute and cuddly, quick drying, great colours.

Cons - a little difficult to figure out how it goes on. Its OSFA so the newborn setting takes a little folding and moulding. Not impossible though.

Altogether a pretty fun and cool nappy. I think I'll buy more.


  1. :) love it! I've never heard of those! She's getting so big already.

  2. The name is a wee bit punny.

  3. check out those little thighs, chubbing up nicely :)


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