seven weeks old

1:38 PM
my little sweetness is seven weeks old.

She likes

sleeping at night. Wow this kid can sleep. But not so much in the day. This makes showering tricky.
folk music.
The song "What do you think my name is?"
When I say mummummummum and dadadadadadadadada
Eidelweiss, Amazing Grace, You are my Sunshine on repeat while being swayed and patted. Sleep time!
Being wrapped up with a heavy blanket on top.
Walks in the sling.

Not so much

being put down while awake/hungry/messy nappy.
After bath time.
too fast milk
thunderous applause.

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  1. Seven weeks oh how time flies I love the pics she is a super star. You may not like the toddlers and tiaras but you know she would win.

  2. nah, she looks too much like a baby. I'd have to wax her legs and give her a spray tan.

  3. Awww I love her smile! She is too cute Rin.


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