to market to market

Last Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day. The kind of day that makes you forget that it is supposed to be almost winter. We had a lovely little family outing to the markets. We have been wanting to go for such a long time and this weekend the Finders Keepers Markets were in town.

We had  a lovely time looking at pretty, crafty, trendy things. I got some lovely ideas for some things to make. I'm pretty cheap and there were lots of lovely things with lovely handmade pricetags. It's nice to get inspiration but I didn't buy anything. :(
It was so so crowded at the markets. The last FKM we went to was much quieter. It made it harder to stroll through the stalls and really appreciate the craftiness but it's great that independent designers are getting so popular.

We also went to the Everleigh Farmers markets which are just next to where the FKM is held.  They were really crowded too. So crowded that they ran out of bacon and egg rolls just as we got to the front of the line. We had a lovely time looking at all the tasty fresh produce and Lucy slept the whole time in her sling.

Then as if two markets were not enough, we went to the Glebe markets as well. We spent most of the time eating kebabs and milk (Lucy) but it was nice to sit in the sun and take photos. We looked at a few stalls and I bought a shirt that I am going to turn into a dress.

I love market days with my family.

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