what i wore wednesday

 I need to admit something...
sometimes I don't get out of my pjs for a while.

My little one wakes up round six or seven has a feed/change/feed and then if we don't have somewhere to be we go back to sleep. Sometimes we don't wake up till nine or ten. Then it's time for another feed/change/feed and a cuddle and a chat and a bit of blog reading, laundry, breakfast and oh! it's 1:30 pm and I'm still in my jammies.

So, in order to get me to get out of those perjims and into something lovely. I'm going to post what I wore each Wednesday. I miss getting all dressed up for my weekly pregnancy photos and now it is getting colder I can experiment with all my hats and scarves and warm things.

Now I know its Saturday today but I'm not great at taking selphys and didn't ask Myl to take my photo till yesterday/ So here is my first what I wore Wednesday taken on Friday, posted on Saturday.

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