eleven weeks old

1:39 PM
my little girl is eleven weeks old

we have been cloth nappying for a few weeks but for the last few days the heavens have opened up and the rain has been pouring down. We have access to a dryer but the nappies just aren't drying right and they are leaking all through really quickly. Lucy wore three outfits yesterday! I thought I had it sorted but now I'm not sure. She used to go the whole night on one nappy but this morning woke up at 5am with a soaked through one. I really love the nappies but they are a bit of  a nuisance at the moment.

However wet her bot gets, Lucy remains a happy little vegemite. She kicks her legs about, smiles and sings away. She had a lovely long weekend with her grand-nana, my mum and dad and her aunts and uncles. She is such a show pony. She loves the cuddles. Anyone will do.

She is getting really strong. She likes to stand up in my lap and can hold her neck up really well. She has a lot of force in her little legs. If she is leaning back she thrusts her little head forward to sit up straight.

She has well and truly discovered her hands. She plays with them and sometimes whacks herself in the face.

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