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before the little one arrived I made a decision that she would be a sustainababy.

My number one method of procreating sustainably was to use cloth nappies. Emergency c-section put a dint in these plans but now I am fit and ready to start. I'm awaiting my first shipment of pikapü nappies.

It has been pretty mind blowing to see how much waste is produced by using disposables. I feel like I am always taking bags out to the rubbish bin. We have also gone through a heckofalotta baby wipes and while they are ohh so handy for when we are out and about they do kinda creep me out. (How do they stay so wet for so long?)

So the other afternoon I made my own wipes. I bought the fabric ages ago but didn't find the time to make them.

Little Luce was feeling cuddly so we crafted like this...

 I bought 25cm of towelling and cut it into squares with 3 squares along the width. I sewed two squares together with zig zag round the edge.

They frayed a lot so I had to pull at all the loose threads.

They work really well. I just pop them in a washbag so that they don't get stuck in the door of the washing machine.

Easy to make, easy to use and good for the environment. FTW!

Have you made something similar?

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