three months old

my little girl is three months old

i've been a mama for thirteen weeks

its been a year since our little girl was made.

I don't know how it is possible but I think that this week I love her more than ever. Each night I tuck her into bed and we say a little prayer together. This week I have been thanking God for my little precious girl.  She is the little bright spark in my day.

She has been growing and changing so much this week. She has become more alert and chatty. She has been sucking her thumb like a pro. She responds to singing and talking and is such a calm chatty little sort.

She has taken to not really liking the car. We had a few times this week where we were in the car a bit too long.( Mostly due to me taking wrong turns and when realising that I am going down tunnels in the road having a bit of a squeak.) I think it was the me screaming and freaking out in the car that has made Lucy a little hesitant to be in there. She likes it when we are moving but starts crying as soon as I sit her in her seat. Poor peppi.

Her sleeping patterns have changed a bit and she is waking up for a feed around four. Thankfully she goes back to sleep pretty well and most of the time I can manage to feed her whilst half asleep.

She is getting so big. She is making the transition from 000 to 00. I would put her in her 000 pajamas and she wouldn't be able to straighten her legs. She has lots of lovely rolls and big chubby cheeks. Her hair is lightening and her eyes are still blue.

Oh how I love this girl of mine.

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