twelve weeks old

11:12 AM
my little girl is twelve weeks old

We have both been a little unwell the past few days. Lucy got a cold and then lovingly passed it on to me. Yesterday was tricky. I had a very alert and feeling better baby girl but I was feeling a bit like death warmed up. She completely missed her afternoon nap no matter how hard I tried to get her to sleep. She was awake from about 11am to 10pm with a tiny 15 min catnap around 7 30.

Lucy loves to sing and dance. She really likes me singing "heads and shoulders, knees and toes" with all the action. She starts laughing as soon as I start singing.
As you can see in her picture she is getting really strong in her neck and loves a bit of tummy time. She looks up at the world and smiles and coos.

She has a cute little bald patch on the back of her head from where she sleeps at night. I'm still not sure what colour her hair will be. It has bits of brown and blonde and the littlest touch of red.

Almost 3 months! My little girl is growing.

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