at the drive in

We're back from holidays but before I share about our fun two weeks away I'm going to share about something close to my heart.

Harry Potter.

When we first found out we were pregnant the only forseeable problem was how we were going to watch the final Harry Potter movie. We figured we would have a three month old. A bit too young for a babysitter and not old enough to join us for the potentially violent magical fun.

We had a few plans in place. We could have someone look after Lucy out side of the theatre, we could go to the "mums and bubs session", we could (heaven forbid) wait till it comes out on video.

But then one of our lovely friends gave us the idea on Sunday of going to the drive in.
It was the perfect idea. Baby in the back. Us in our little "soundproof" box.
Not to mention it's the DRIVE IN. How cool.

So that night we went. It was so ridiculously awesome.

Oh and most importantly Lucy slept the WHOLE way through. She fell asleep on the drive over and woke up when I was walking into our house when we got home. She really loves her parents.

I'm so sad now that it's all over. No more new HP. The end of a very long and lovely era. Thankyou JK Rowling.

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