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There are so many chemicals in the things we use these days. I think if we knew just how many we come into contact with on a daily basis it would be enough to make our skin crawl. In reality those chemicals do make our skin crawl. The chemicals in products we use can give us exema, allergies

This information hits me but often doesn't call me to action. I look at the price tags on the organic or chemical free beauty products and think that I would much prefer the chemical ridden $2 variety but the sollution is simple! We actually don't need fancy products to stay clean. Here's what we use.

Baby bathtime - For Lucy I use pure soap at bathtime. I lather her up in it before putting her in the bath. It's chemical and fragrance free. It's hypoalergenic and good for cleaning off all her little baby messes. I use it on her head as shampoo too. I give her a bath in beautiful pure Sydney water and then towell her off. After she is dry I rub olive oil into her skin. Not fancy olive oil cocoa butter but just the extra virgin variety used for cooking. Sometimes I use the same bottle for cooking if i've run out.

This keeps her skin really beautiful. For the last week I have been using up her stash of expensive baby soap  samples and she has got cradle cap and a bit of nappy rash. I think I'll stick with the soap and oil.

For me I rarely use soap. Because I'm breastfeeding I don't like to get soap where Lucy is putting her mouth. Water usually does the trick and sometimes I use a bit of pure soap under the old arms. It's winter so this might be a different story in Summer but I haven't been told I stink. On my face I use the body shop Aloe Vera exfoliating wash and witch hazel toner. These products are both chemical free and work really well. I had pretty bad skin when I was pregnant but when I use these two products combined my skin seems really healthy.

I was put onto a really great tip of using oat water in a spray bottle as a nappy rash preventer. It's cheap, easy and chemical free. I haven't properly made it yet but an oat bath was the only thing that helped when I had really itchy and sore feet during pregnancy.

Do you have any great chemical free tips?

She Breathes Deeply

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