staycation + 2.5 years

Last weekend we had a staycation.
Myl had the weekend off work and it was our 2.5 year wedding anniversary.
Any excuse will do.

It was cold and rainy on the Friday so we went to DFO after a lovely long sleep in.
We walked around and got some sweet cheap clothes.
We had dumplings at our favourite little spot in Ashfield.

On Saturday we hit the city.
I showed Myl the ridiculous new Westfield at Centrepoint.
We changed Lucy in the fantastically snazzy parents room complete with L'Occtaine hand lotion.
(I know, ridiculous)
We walked through the city chatting and holding hands.
We saw about 100 screaming teenagers watching k-pop.
Then we went to the rocks. We had planned to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art but it is being renovated and is completely closed. :(
But that did not rain on our parade. We wandered about the cobble stone lanes of the rocks. My imagination ran away with me a few times as I had visions of unearthing a plague rat and our little family becoming infected. (A little plaque told me however, that there were only three plague victims in the rocks... in the early 1900's....aaaand they pulled down and burnt their houses. It set my imaginations at ease*)
We went to a sweet little cafe, looked at the markets and ate tasty pancakes at one of our favourite restaurants.
We watched the sunset from a little lookout. It was very sweet.
We meant to catch the bus from the rocks but ended up walking all the way to Vic Park. Lucy fell asleep.

When we got home we had a lovely surprise from my siblings and co. We missed out on dinner with them but we had a nice little chat and some gelato.

More pictures (and what we did on Sunday) to come next week!

*Yes, I have been reading Anne of Green Gables if you were wondering. Her thoughts are becoming my life.

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