four months old

1:05 PM
my little girl is four months old.

She is growing and changing every day.

She loves moving around, holding things and putting everything in her mouth.
She likes to be thrown up in the air (just a little)
She likes pulling dada's beard and mamas hair.
She wriggles and bounces and has rolled over a few times.
She likes to be held up on her feet and can sit up by herself in my lap.

Her sleeping patterns are a changin'.
Sleeping and waking is getting earlier.
Just in the last week she has been getting very tired round seven and then sleeping for a few hours.
Going to bed early means waking up early too. She wakes at about 3am for a feed and then goes back to sleep.
I put her in bed on night around eight and she woke up at 1am excited and ready to go! Oh no!

She had a night with dada this week. I went out to bible study. It was nice not to have a giggly chatty baby around but I missed her. I kept wondering where she was. She had a really good time which makes me think we could go out alone sometime for a date!?

She had her four month needles on Monday and since has had patches of very sad baby.
But, for the most part she is a smiley chatty, chirpy little fella.
I love her very much.

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