I didn't know whether to post this or not but in the interests of not coming across as the "perfect" parent, here it is...

My baby fell off the change table.

You know that cute leg kick she was doing in the video I posted?
She does that on the change table.

We were about to take a bath, I put her there like I always do
she kicked
I went to turn the bath on
I heard a thud
a scream.

I ran and picked up that little girl lying on her tummy on the floor.
Oh no I felt terrible.
I held her
fed her
cuddled and kissed her.
I was shaking and crying.
She was calming down.

I rang Myl,
my mum.
They calmed me down.
I stopped shaking.
We stopped crying.

We cuddled all day.

Oh yes I remembered the bath... only just.

Incidentally it looked like this.

Not what a bath should look like. Hmm..
Better call the real estate agent.

Little Lu is ok. She was back to smiling and giggling in no time. She has a little red nose and forehead but is all ok.
Thank God I moved her bath seat. It was sitting right where she fell.

I've learnt some valuable parenting lessons. After talking to mum on the phone I realised how common it is for babies to fall off tables, get baths dropped on them (thanks nana), knock heads on heaters etc and still live to fight another day in style.
I also learnt that now I need to watch my little girl at all times.
This kid is mobile.

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