winter warmers - easy roast

9:50 PM
As I write this I'm wearing a summer dress. It's probably not quite warm enough but it's cclose. It doesn't feel much like winter today but it did last week. Here's what I made for dinner with a little help from Jamie Oliver.

Faux Roast chicken + veg

Get a whole bunch of vegetables. I used potato, sweet potato, carrot + zuchini.
Cut them up any which-way.
I pre steamed the potato + sweet potato in the microwave.
Put them in a tray with a few cloves of garlic, rosemary, thyme, olive oil and saltnpepper.
Pop in the oven at 200'C.

Make a little bag out of foil. 2 sheets with three corners folded over.
Add a chicken breast, mushrooms, bit o' white wine and the rest of your herbs with a spoonful of butter.
Close up the other end of the foil bag and put in the oven in a tray for 30 mins.

After 30 mins rip open that bag and salivate over the tasty steam and juices pouring outta that baby.
Plate up your chicken n veg and pour over the tasty bag juice.

I like it because there are  no bones. I've never liked bones in my meat.

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