i had a birthday...

10:00 AM
twenty three things I have learned in my twenty third year.

1. God is very good.
2. It is possible to sleep and feed a baby at the same time.
3. 30'C at 10pm is really too hot.
4. I am capable of instructing Zumba.
5. I actually really like beetroot.
6. My belly button does not pop outwards.
7. Pregnancy is not as fun as it seemed in the first and second trimester.
8. The sun gets stains out of things.
9. I can make crocheted flowers.
10. Using a broom is sometimes just as effective as the vacuum.

11. Shopping is best done at outlet malls.
12. I am allowed to wear the same thing two days in a row or two Sundays in a row to church.
13. You must feed your baby before going in the car, not during or after.
14. If you didn't do number 13, it is ok to feed baby in rush hour traffic on the freeway.
15.When you become a mother, people stare at you in the shops. Or is it just your baby?
16. A career at home is a fine thing indeed.
17. Baby poo can go on the wall if you're not careful.
18. A c-section is not the end of the world.
19. Many things (like lemon meringue tart) are easy once you just give them a go.
20. My mum is even more amazing than I once thought.

21. Little babies grow up quickly and are best watched/cuddled/sung to at every available moment.
22. It is possible and wonderful to just be content with today.
23. I love my God, I love my husband, I love my daughter. I am filled with joy.

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