5:00 AM
A lot of our friends have had babies in the last few weeks.
Some we have met, some we have just seen pictures of.
They are all so small and precious.
It was really hard to believe that my little Lucy girl was ever that small.
But to remember I thought I would share a photo of my tiny newborn.

She has grown so much and will keep on getting bigger.
Every day is a joy. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes I go a bit hysterical. Sometimes Myles needs to step in, sometimes we loll about on the grass as a family of three.
But rain, hail or shine,
in laughter and tears,
our lives are forever filled with joy.

I look at my tiny baby and I think of long days spent stroking my full belly,
that belly being cut open to safely deliver her to my arms,
that girl pressed up against my belly trying endlessly to feed while we listened to the Unthanks on repeat.
My tiny girl who would sleep anywhere.
Who we wanted to poke so she would wake up and play.

My little one.

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