seven months old

2:20 PM

my little girl is seven months old.

wow. This one really snuck up on me.
We celebrated by going to pancakes on the rocks and ordering chocolate pancakes. I felt just a little bad eating the delicious morsels in front of my sweet baby girl. But not too bad. When they arrived she stuck her hands right into the chocolate sauce. I had to quickly wash those hands before she tasted the sweet taste of chocolate and never ate healthy again.

Here are some firsts for this month
- First tooth. A little tooth is poking up out of her gum and it looks like there is one more following it.
- First ride in the car facing forwards. So so exciting.
- First proper meals. Lunchtime eating fun.
- First crawl backwards. Loads of moving around in circles. Sitting to tummy to back. This kid is mobile!
- First time she said dada. And now she wont stop!

little loves

- splashing in the bath oh so much.
- drinking water from her sippy and spitting it out again.
- having her face wiped after lunch.
- rocking and singing.
- standing up on her own two feet. (while holding hands)
- baloons!
- dada
- sitting in boxes.

little dislikes

- nappy changes while tired/hungry
- being alone
- sleeping in her cot
- plastic/newspaper/other fun stuff being taken away.

She is such a smiley little thing and such a joy to be around. I'm learning to filter out all the things I don't need to worry about when being a mum and trying to concentrate on being a happy mama.
Lucy is getting to be a cheeky little fella. I think we are going to have a bit of a trickster on our hands. But a loveable trickster.

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  1. Reading this was like seeing a list straight out of my own babies books when they were 7 months. Not liking the cot! I learned to just go with the flow on that one. Both my little ones prefer to be close to us when they sleep. You seem to be an attentive mama! Enjoy every moment!! x


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