six months old

9:49 PM

my little girl is six months old

It has been a month of firsts.
Lucy has sat up for the first time
said her first word - mama
had her first taste of solids - banana
her first Sunday at Rockpool (creche at church)
went to her first eisteddfod to see Uncle Jon and sang along with the choir.

She has changed her sleeping pattern again, but has a pattern!
Wears 00 clothes
grabs at anything she can get her hands on. Toys, mobile phones, food, hair.
has no teeth... yet
She can but isn't interested in rolling over.
She tries to crawl but gets frustrated and does a maneuver we like to call the stranded beetle.

She loves music - singing, listening, dancing. Any kind will do.
She adores her dada and gets excited when she hears the door opening in the afternoon.
She likes being kissed in her neck and on her tummy.
She has a maniacal cackle.
She loves the shower and puts her head under.
She loves reading books and also is partial to a tasty book for a snack.

She is a chirpy, friendly, happy little thing.
We love her very much.

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