2:24 PM
Lucy has started eating solid food.


So far she has tasted banana, pumpkin, apple, carrot, spinach/pumpkin mix and avocado in a mixture of spoonfed pulp (with added mama milk) and softened finger food.
Not to mention cream (thanks nana) and custard tart (thanks dad). Oh, and yesterday she ingested some paper.

So far banana and avocado are wins and packet foods are not. I must say I agree. I had a taste of the packet spinach and pumpkin mix and it tasted pretty average.

We have been at it for a week and so far it seems to be going alright. Lucy hasn't quite got the hang of the whole opening your mouth thing but I'm not sure if that's because she doesn't know how or she doesn't like the food being offered. She manages to gulp down a few spoonfulls each time and gets her body covered in tasty goop.

We are starting off with lunch. I give Lucy some food, she starts to fuss when she has enough and then I give her a breastfeed.
This week we have started fruit and veg and next week we will start cereals and grains.
After a month we are going to start breakfast and lunch and then after another month breakfast, lunch and dinner and then drop the middle of the day feed.

Well.  That's the plan.

It is a little sad to not be full time breastfeeding my little girl anymore but at the moment I'm still getting all her meals and she hasn't dropped any feeds. It's fun watching her explore food. In her mouth, in her fingers, on the table. It's a messy but fun little time of life.

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