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3:24 PM
On one of the hotter days we have seen this year we decided to go bike riding.
We hired the bikes from the watershed in Newtown. $10 membership and then free bike riding for up to three hours. Pretty sweet deal.

We arrived and sorted out our bikes. Earlier that day we had searched K-mart for a baby helmet and made do with a toddler one that was only just a bit too big. Myles was to ride with Lucy in a big bike with baby carriage at the front and room for our  bags. We put Lucys bright pink helmet on and she began to wail. She has just learned how to take her hat off and was trying with all her might to stop us from putting it on. Finally, we got her in the seat. She was much happier when the bike was moving. We set off through the back streets of Newtown and the wailing began. A very sad little face could be seen in the bucket of Myls bike. A very sad, very hot face.

So we took a break in a park. Lucy had some milk and we played a while. Back in the bike she was a little better. We pedaled down to Sydney park. Just as we were arriving Lucy decided she had had enough. Luckily we were at the park. We rested a while in the shade and Lu was feeling much better even though the was a bit hot and bothered. We made a little nest in her seat with blankets and things and set off around the park. There are lots of lovely bike trails and a great playground that we will come back to when Lucy is a bit older.

We decided to quit while we were ahead and made our way back on the other side of King street. Through the pretty streets. On our way someone very small and sweet fell asleep. Even through she looked a little uncomfortable she slept for a good long while. It was very nice.

We got back to the watershed and waited for Lu to wake up. She had a good long nap and woke up with a smile. It was nice and cool inside. Then we went and had lunch at Berkelouw. We had an antipasto plate for two. It was dee-licious.

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