11:12 AM
I have been experimenting with pillowcase dresses for Lucy.
I found inspiration here and here but decided to just wing it and make up a pattern myself.
The first dress I made was much too big. Lucy looked a little like Dobby the house elf. We'll save that dress for a later dress.

The second one I made probably won't fit her for long but was more of a success.

It's made out of some fat quarters I had lying around. It's somewhere in the middle between a dress and a top which is just perfect for a little one who is experimenting with crawling.

and I thought I would throw in a picture of some gigantic eyes.

Can I just say this kid loves to take photos. This same day she did a pose that would make Melinda Tankard-Reist cringe. Everytime I get the camera out she is so keen on having her picture taken.
What have I created?

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