the things i like best about him

5:57 PM
It was Myls birthday on the weekend.
We celebrated with a dumpling party in our back yard. It's my brothers birthday on the same day so we had plenty of guests and plenty of fun.

As we were eating we were talking about favourite memories of the two fellows and the things we like best about them.
There are so many things I like about Myl.

I like most of all that he loves God.
I like that he is unbelievably generous to me.
I like his smile.
I like that his eyes are the exact same colour as Lucy's.
I like his facial hair.
I like that he thinks his beard makes him more of a man.

I like that he enjoys when I cook for him.
I like holding his hand.
I like how hard he works at college.
I like it when we go for milkshakes.
I like watching him with Lucy. I swoon.
I like how he protects us from scary and dangerous things like cockroaches.

I like that he is strong.
I like that he isn't very artistic so I have free range on the house.
I like it when he sings.
I like hearing the door open when he comes home.
I like that we have so much fun together.
I like hiding in his shoulder when I am sad.

I like remembering the day I married him.
I like remembering the day our little one was born.
I like that he is my best friend.
I like thinking about our future.

Happy Birthday wonderful man.

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