10:20 PM

I thought I'd share the recipe for Myles birthday tiramisu cake. Even though it looked like a massive snowy landslide it tasted yummy.

Step 1 - Make this cake. Mostly because I didn't have any eggs in the house but it turned out to be really tasty and quite perfect for a tiramisu.

Step 2 - Pour 1 cup of coffee and liberal amounts of tia maria onto cake. Leave for a few hours so that the coffee and booze seep into the cake.

Step 3 - Whip 500ml of cream with 1 tsp icing sugar and 1tsp vanilla essence.

Step 4 - Place one cake on your plate. Cover the top with chocolate sauce. I used good ole Cottees chocolate topping but you could use anything. Topping, ganache, whatever you like.
pile on top half the cream. Add the next layer of cake and do the same.
Sprinkle some nuts on top and sift cocoa on top.

Add candles and start to sing.

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