eight months old

12:23 PM
my little girl is eight months old.

Lucy is getting so big and so clever. She is changing every day.
This month she has started to crawl. After weeks of frustration she finally clicked it all together in her head and has a very lovely jaunty arms and leg crawl. Right on the day we were moving house.
She moves around following me and pulling herself up on things. She figures out where she wants to go and then gets there. I think she gets a pretty big kick out of that.

Lucy has been chatting away like a pro. She says "dada" a lot but also "mama" when she is sad, hello when she sees someone and something that sounds an awful lot like "kisses".
She has developed some very sweet new laughs and smiles.

We are enjoying the wonderful world of solids and are getting the hang of three meals a day (plus milk). 
Lucy likes fruit, breakfast cereal, yoghurt, toast with vegimite, and pasta but will eat pretty much anything that I am eating.

Lucy now has two teeth which is very cute but sometimes very painful as she has discovered a new game called "let's bite mama". Not great.

Her sleeping has been erratic. Good one night, terrible the next. A normal night consists of two wakeups. One for milk one not. A not normal night consists of wakeups on the hour and lots of sad Lucy and mama. Or me sleepwalking and waking up with a fed baby in my bed (eek!).
We have moved for the summer into a holiday boarding house where Myl has a job. Lucy has been a pro and seems not to have noticed the difference. I am so thankful! She enjoys having lots of people around to look at her and gets a bit jealous when people pay attention to the other baby in the house. A bit of an attention seeker.

Lucy saw her first fireworks at our church carols on Saturday. She was amazed and shocked all at once. She had her first little stand (for two secondsish). She has had so many firsts I can't remember them all.

She is such a happy lovely little thing. I'm so lucky to be her mama. 

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